Koi Kawa Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Location: 4051 Broadway St.
My Food Choice: Chicken Katsu Bento Box
My Recommendation: Sit next to the glass wall and enjoy the view!

IMG_0247I’m a big fan of Bento Boxes, so when my good friend suggested I try the Bento’s at Koi Kawa- I was all in. I drove to the location, not too far from our new DSO building, to find Koi Kawa quietly hidden towards the back of The Boardwalk on Broadway. Let me say, this place is cute! With its huge glass walls overseeing the Brackenridge Park, you feel refreshed and energized by the beautiful scenery that surrounds the restaurant.

I ordered the Chicken Katsu Bento Box that’s pictured above. The bento was beautifully plated and the portions were perfect for a lunch meal. The Chicken Katsu, which was basically panko/breaded chicken, was delicious. It was juicy, tender and so hot! Not spicy hot, but made-to-order hot. Also included in the bento box were the traditional sides of soup, salad, rice, gyoza, and sushi. Everything was tasty and amazing! I loved the freshness of the sushi and salad, as well as the warmth of the chicken and gyoza. Another food item that was a big hit for me, was the veggie and shrimp tempura that my friend ordered. The veggies had an amazing taste to them and came with a dipping sauce that made it over-the-top good. The sauce was very warm and flavorful, similar to a beef broth which that paired wonderfully with the food. If I would go back, I would definitely order the veggies and shrimp. Everything was good, but the veggies and shrimp paired with the sauce won me over!

I, 100%, recommend this restaurant. The scenery is beautiful and the food tastes fantastic. Once we move to our new DSO building, this will definitely be a place I’ll be visiting more frequently.


Food Writer:
Kimberly Flores
Human Resources
Communication Analyst

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