There will be several opportunities for employees to get involved in the move to the New DSO Building. If you are interested in participating or have an idea of your own, please contact Below are a few events that we are currently planning for our DSO employees:

Building Theme: All DSO employees moving to the new building will get the opportunity to vote on the building theme. Current themes being generated are Playland Park, Graduation and Student Success. The theme with the most votes will be incorporated throughout the building.

Furniture & Chair Voting: All DSO employees moving to the new building will get the opportunity to view and vote for their preferred Furniture and Chair option. The furniture and chair option with the most votes will be purchased for the new DSO building.

Photo Contest: The photo contest will be open to all Alamo Colleges District Employees and will start in Summer 2018. More information on the photo contest will be available soon.

Collaboration Meetings: Collaboration meetings will be scheduled with every DSO team. Each team will get the opportunity to work together and collaborate on the workplace rules they would like to see in their department. More information on the collaboration meetings will be available soon.

Topping-off Ceremony: The Topping-off ceremony will be held when the last beam is placed atop of our buildings’ structure. More information, including a scheduled date, will be available soon.